Is Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) taking over Oklahoma Rural Water Districts?

CCA correctional officer heading up Hughes County Rural Water district #2 meeting - 8/15/2011

Im curious as to why it seems Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) is taking over an Oklahoma’s Rural Water District.  Since 2010 to as recent as Feb. 2012, Ive noticed uniformed CCA presence at the rural water district in Stuart, OK heading up these meetings and taken charge of the water district.

I realize Stuart, Oklahoma is a remote rural community where a lot of things can go undetected that the world would never know.

Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) officer taking charge of Oklahoma's rural water district

Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) officer taking charge of Oklahoma's rural water district - 8/15/2011 - Stuart, OK

And that if something was to go down under the radar, what better place to do it than a small rural tucked away place.

I thought CCA was just in the business of taking over the nation’s prisons, but now its the RURAL WATER supply too ???????

What is going on ?????


Link to my pending research:

In Oklahoma the private prison industry built six prisons in the state during the 1990s. State records show that officers of private prison companies and industry lobbyists gave at least $29,000 to Gov. Frank Keating’s two campaigns and to the campaigns of influential lawmakers. Pat McCoy, a prominent Oklahoma City developer who had done $4 million of business with CCA, gave Keating’s campaign $5,000 in 1997. The CCA contributions became an issue in 1998, when Keating asked the state Board of Corrections to reconsider its decision to cancel CCA’s contract to run the North Fork Correctional Facility in a dispute over payment rates. The Board voted to terminate anyway, with one board member complaining to a reporter that CCA officials “talk out of both sides of their mouth in a way that is unusual in Oklahoma.” The Board and CCA later reached a settlement that allowed the company to maintain its contract.

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